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Minnesota author shares culture with elementary students

Minnesota author shares culture with elementary students

Author Hudda Ibrahim recently visited students at Northport Elementary School to  read her book, What Color is My Hijab? In the book, a Muslim child chooses what color hijab she will wear that day. The book helps students learn their colors and teaches them that while many Muslim girls and women cover their heads, they can still do anything. 

“This event was a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the hijab and why some of their classmates wear them,” said Fowsiya Dahir, family and community engagement specialist for Rdale, and a Muslim. “Feb. 1 was World Hijab Day, which recognizes Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab.”

Muslim people are those who follow the religion of Islam. Hijabs are head coverings worn by some Muslim females. These head coverings can be a noticeable difference among learners in a public school classroom, where students who practice all religions can attend.

We have previously talked about the importance of representation in books and in our classrooms. What made this visit so memorable? It’s one thing to read about people like you in a book, but seeing someone like yourself in person can make a lasting impression. The Northport students who met Ms. Ibrahim learned that they too can be an author or – like the women in the book – a doctor, teacher, artist, politician, or anything else.

“These types of books were not available when my daughters were growing up,” said Dahir. “ They did not see themselves reflected in their classrooms and didn't understand why their classmates didn’t wear hijabs as they did.” 

Hudda Ibrahim has written two additional children’s books, “Imrah’s First 100 Words” and “Lula Wants to Wear a Badge,” which feature diverse characters. We invite families to check out these books in celebration of  I Love to Read Month.