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Digital Devices

Digital Devices

You will notice that on Friday, January 20th your student is now bringing their digital learning device home daily. We have been working with them all year on the expectations for taking care of their devices here at school and now we are prepared to learn the expectations for taking them home. Students will be bringing their devices home daily.  You, as their parent or guardian, can decide how you want your student to interact with the device in your home. Remember, we place a high value on these devices as learning tools at school. 


Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Devices need to be transported in their cases, iPads should remain in the protective case

  • All chargers will remain at home until the end of the year

  • Devices should not be used with food or drink 

  • Devices should not be left in cars

  • Please remember to charge your device every night 

  • Devices should return to school daily


Digital devices are the property of Robbinsdale Area Schools, any loss or damage of the device, charger, or case may result in fines to families. These devices are an important part of our academic day and are used frequently in classrooms. They are also used for district and state-wide testing, during this time we may not be sending them home to ensure test security. 

We need to work as a team to ensure that all our devices remain in good working condition. We value the learning that can take place with the interaction of our devices at school and at home.  You are welcome to visit district educational sites for extra practice at home if desired. Our school will be working on rewarding teams that remember to bring back their charged electronic devices. If you are interested in learning more about the districts e learning plan click here.