Robbinsdale Area Schools

Teachers Create Digital Art Show

During a typical school year, student artwork can be found lining school hallways and display cases. This year, with school buildings closed due to the pandemic, elementary art teachers in Robbinsdale Area Schools sought new ways to showcase the artwork of their students.

That’s how the idea of hosting a virtual art show was born. The virtual art show features the artwork of 12 students from each of the district’s 11 elementary schools. The show is live now through mid-January.

“Knowing that this show is entirely digital, we believe that we will be able to reach even more people than if we were only showing the students' artwork in person,” said Emma Withers, Art Educator at Meadow Lake and Lakeview Elementary. “We hope that this show is another way to digitally bring people together during the age of virtual connectivity when we feel physically distanced from many people we love.”

Students were notified that they were selected to be featured in the show through personal messages from their art teachers during the week of December 15. The virtual art show is hosted on an interactive platform, allowing visitors to view artwork by school, with the ability to select individual works of art to view mediums and concepts used.

In previous years the Robbin Gallery of Art in Robbinsdale hosted the Elementary Winter Art Show in December.

“We are so proud of the resilience our students have shown this school year,“ said Sarah Prindiville, Fine Arts Coordinator for Robbinsdale Area Schools. “We are so happy that our students have a creative outlet to express themselves and that we have the opportunity to honor their art.” 

The art show can be viewed at